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Vincent Wang is an expert in leading and advising on property development, from small scale to urban scale projects.

Development is a risky business, with large sums of capital at stake — the prospects for significant profit, or loss, are well known. Vincent focuses on three principal factors, in addition to the critical financial and market-related factors, to ensure success:

1. the user's requirements: formulaic solutions based on historic practice are increasingly inappropriate in our fast-changing world — a sharp focus on market research and the intended user's real requirements is vital.

2. design: good design does not cost extra, in fact it often costs less -to achieve simplicity, with designs more appropriate and honed to what is actually needed, requires considerable skill.

3. teamwork: the development process is above all about teamwork — a collaborative approach with the myriad of people involved is essential to reduce risk, and to ensure that the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts.

Vincent Wang qualified as an architect and gained management training in the construction industry before going into development where he became a co-founder of Stanhope, one of the most innovative and excellent development companies, and an entrepreneur. This background enables him to optimise development value, from a thorough understanding of the often-delicate and difficult balance between value and cost, to think creatively to generate alternative scenarios, and to evaluate what needs to be done to enable projects to be delivered to excellent targets and standards.

Every project needs a driver, and Vincent provides that drive, effectively and proactively controlling all critical aspects of a project.

His wide and sound experience adds value, saves cost and time, and reduces risk.

Vincent Wang is a team player, able to motive staff and achieve through others, and acts as executive or non-executive director, interim manager, consultant or partner/ entrepreneur.

  Development planning and management

Development turnaround

Client representation

Value optimisation

Strategic reviews

Project appraisal

Project initiation

Business planning and management

Financial modelling